Saturday, May 16, 2020

Sat 15th May was nice & altho a Tad Chilly.

Scully the previous night back at the Ponderosa was feeling loose in front of the Fire..

Mean while down at the Aerodrome Dougal & LTS were about.

Mark was not feeling to flash had the BOT.....

Dougal mounting his trusty Stead.

Mark checking out the pointy end.

Mark giving some sage advice at a distance of course.

Dougal indicating where the big whirly thing up the at the Bow is located & to keep the HELL away from it as it Hurts lots.

Mean while SSF was just catching sum rays after I had been up and see how this flying was doing post lock down. Take Off was 16 for a T & G then a landing 27 for a 90 degree cross wind not to much just a 10ner. Oh & a zip round the patch.

Kenny & SND were getting to be one again.

Family out taking in the Action whilst also having a bit of Cricket knock about. That part of the Carpark is actually a Park.

SSF looking Stunning as always on the Green.

Luke away on his Epic trip around the Mountain for the first time on his ownsem.

Uncle Wayne was out for a bit.

Kenneth had returned from his Sortie SND  just Chilling with SNW getting ready to hit the skies.

SNW  warming up. Wayne with appropriate Head wear.

Outa 09.

SSF & Luke back in heading for the Pump's 

Closely followed by DBZ with Gary.

Luke positioning SSF back to the Hangar after gassing her up

Catching some more rays

JPX was happy snoozing away in the corner.

Vid's here.

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