Saturday, May 23, 2020

Sat 23rd May saw a high overcast hung round all day indicator of whats to come. It was still cold but as much as the Last week.

Jason man handling SSF into start position for a fly about and circuit work.

SNW had moved out into the light to see what was going on.

Luke & Wayne discussing Sonerai's under SND.

Yup Yup Yup.

The Girls just chilling waiting for something to happen.

Remo's G3 arriving in the overhead from Ardmore.

Bit grey not great photo WX.

Local Avian group trying to stay alive s the Anti Ack Ack Duck brigade were in action this AM.

G3 after Landing 09.

Some visitors arriving for a look about. Luke being the Host.

Jason with SSF on the taxi for 09.

Having a good time & they haven't even started yet.

SSF under the Mountain.

Busy lil place today

Wayne about to taxi for 09.

Working on it ....

Jason back in on the Taxi for the Pump.


Wayne back heading for the Hangar.

Hangar 1 full of sleepy planes.

Visitors checking out Luke's Sonerai build.

Pay's to label things.

Fueling up with Mogas ........ 

Jason making Mustang noises ......

Oh Sparkly.

Chap's doing some building .....?

Pat made his Sexy looking Tassle for Luke's pitot tube. Looking a tad over built & a few to many Tassle's for my liking.

Busy making the Tassle holder.

Wayne providing encouraging words to Luke probably. Whilst Jason keeping a safe distance.

Vid's Here.

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