Sunday, May 17, 2020

Sunday 17th May was a stunner.

CYG had Keri strapped on & he was up before the Sparrows were Farting.
Here Landing 27.

Such a nice day The Sue & I were after the Sparrows had Farted but not by much.

Lined up 27 heading for the big pointy thing out front.


Busy driving this excellent Flying Machine.


Approaching the Beast.

The Sue checking the big white out.

Just about there.

The Central Plateau.

Heading west

Port Taranaki of the Port side.

Wayne & Pauline about to Blast of around the Patch.

Sue advising how smooth it was.

SSF just chilling after her Epic Flight this AM.

SNW about to Exit the ground for the Sky.

Cygnet hading for 27.

Local Heron passing through.

Cygnet away 27.

Now we like to provide all Facilities at the Club House spotted this today.

Oh Sparkly Corvette.

SNW appeared back in the overhead.

Landed 09.

It would appear  they enjoyed the fly about and why would one not

Couple slick looking Machines.

Couple 601's having a chat.

CYG back in 27.

JPX & John heading out on the Taxi for 27.

Vid's Here.

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