Sunday, May 24, 2020

Sunday 24th May was a bit Murkyish and the Low Cloud stayed mostly on the western side of SHY-3 until around 1300 so Flying was had for a bit. it was warmer than Sat but then got cold again.

Keri was out and managed a chug around the Circuit in CYG.

DBZ arrived with Gary strapped in landed 09.


Wayne & Keri talking about the awesome Climb rate of CYG now it has the Rotax in it.

Oscar Chuck Chuck was in for some Gas they were roaring round the patch. It had been up at Whitianga during Lock Down so has pretty much just got it back in the last while.


Oh busy a que.

Don with SNJ on there way for a fly about on the taxi 27.

OCC doing the Gas thing.

Palmy Rescue Chopper whizzing it's way North in the Murish

Quite a few Fowl around the Aerodrome as trying to stay away from all the Anti Duck fire Ack Ack going on round the place at present.

Don appearing back in the overhead his plane being Grey not the best in this kind WX.

CYG & Keri on Taxi for 27.

Locally based Spitfire just hanging about as ya do.

Massey Tadpole meandering around the overhead.

Gary about to depart for Ferndene.

Aerodrome Hawk just zooming about the place.

DBZ on the Taxi 09.

Aerodrome Magpie enjoying Lunch.

Oh whats that shiney thing......

The Pitot Tassle looking Sassy.

Pat about to de robe the Gyro.

The Flight deck with Capt Pat.

Thats ya Subiroo there.

Ye dead & Dying Jodel DGV been like that for over 2 years now. Covered in Bird crap. What a waste.

Pat can't believe it's been like that for so long.

Vid's here.

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