Sunday, May 31, 2020

Sunday 31st May was a stunner blue skies not much cloud about a warmer than it has been.

The Central Plateau through the mist

Mountain was out with her Shoal on for a bit.

Keri had CYG out getting some Ray's.

New Coffee machine in residence. We will be doing how to operating Course's on Tuesday's.

Wayne's aleady sorted where the water goe's.

Oh nice Land Rover there.

Stu helping SSF out into the Sun.

Angela waiting with anticipation......

On the hard so one don't get wet bum if ya boarding from the Grass.

The Team about to aviate.

Doing DVA's etc 09

SNW with Wayne strapped on warming up.

Mountain still with Scarf on.

Luke sorting out CYG radio issues.

SNW & Wayne on taxi for 09.

CYG Radio problem solving on going.

SNW about.

Done landed 09.

Lads hard at it over at CYG.

Doe's Keri's bum look big to you......... :0)

Grandma Carrol & lil Fella goe's by the Handle of FLASH checking out CYG

Checking out SNW

Then into check out Isobel.

SNW just chilling after fly about.

Luke's Floor for his Sonerai & his Smoke Tank.

Luke's Girly BMW Blah.

One of the Aerodrome girls just chilling.

Bolkow Bo 208 C Junior CJG arriving this AM.

SSF had aboard Angela & Stu on the taxi for 09.

CJG just landed 09.

JQT & Shaun  in for gas new rings needed............

Good gaggle flying machines not one the same.

Oscar Chuck Chuck OCC chugging on by.

Young Rueben who flew on CJG is currently building a quarter scale RC Mustang. Thought he might get some insperation if he tried on TVG.

Then wandered over to check the Spitfire.

Mark arrived in the BIG PUSS ZK-PMD the SPA Panther.

Yes it is a Microlight very FAST & climbs around 2000ft minutes plus.

Rueben checking the Panther.

Kenny suiting up.

SND on the Taxi 09.

Marks old and new.
From Sonerai to Panther.

Keri on the taxi for 09 also. Has joined the Radio working club.

Gary &DBZ just in on 09.

Kenny arriving back in the overhead.

Landed 09.

One suspects he enjoyed it.

Luke was learning Navigation the ole fashioned way E6B this is the Navigation think tank in session.

JPX was still sleeping.

Luke on his pre flight for his Raglan trip.

Mountain changed to a hat for the PM.

Sure I heard a PUSS in there somewhere's

Yus it's a Panther.

The Panther BIG PUSS man Mark.

Well that's not looking to flash.

Test Pilot Wayne about to go test PMD out.

Be coming one with the Big Cat.

Luke on taxi for 09.

Luke DVA's etc 09.

PMD on the Taxi for 09.

The cheering squad.

Down & back 09.

Team CJG checking her over before heading back to Paihiatua.

Gary b looking on.

Team checking out PMD.

Young Rueben getting aboard.

More visitors came to check out the Flying Machines.

Gary H was out for a while. He's one of those very busy retiree's.

Checking the Panther out.

BOLKOW just chilling.

Team CJG on the taxi 09.

More patting of the PUSS.

CJG doing run up etc 09.

A Tadpole DA40 arrived in the overhead & to do a 
T & G.

Couple young whipper snappers checking out PMD

Ditto SNW.

Then inside to check out the Mustang.

Don was out and getting ready to whizz about in SNJ

Luke's been hard at it.

The Tassle in place....

JQT was about.

Those bloody rings again the BIG PUSS consumed in smoke.

The Smoke clears

Shaun alights to check it out.

SNJ returns via 09.

Sonerai Alley.

DBZ chillaxing.

PMD preparing to head back to Feilding.

Jeez his big BIG RED button already going ....

Sonerai's chewing the phat.

The BIG PUSS on her way home.

Luke arriving back from his NAV Flight to Raglan

Uncle Wayne placing SSF back in for the night.

VID's Here

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