Saturday, June 13, 2020

Sat 13th Jun saw Sunshine & overcast later warm Chilly then around 1600 just Chilly.

Surprised to see C-195 BEB resting on the Picket stand. If you get a chance to look over her do it. She is IMMACULTE & then some absolutely stunning. Running a Jacobs Radial.

Sleek & Fast & Big Bulky & Roundish.

SNW about to get away 09.

DBZ just chilling & SSF still in bed.

SSF still sleeping in.

Flight Deck of BEB.

SNW Yanking & Banking.

Taxing to the Club.


Yeah Man

Know that's what ya call a Pitot Tube. Although no Tassle's to be seen.

Paul was busy checking BEB out.

Now that's an exhaust for the dispensing of Fossil Fuels.

Alan was in.

The Team checking on Luke's Sonerai progress.

Slow & Rumbly on the right & Zoom , Zoom , Zoom to the left.

BEB on the Taxi for 09.

The Crew.

Alan had started Fiddling with RSR.

SNW just chilling with a Snazzy looking Land Rover behind.

The Viewing Gallery was pretty full today.

Nev was in for a bit today. I suspect him & Paul were talking Plane.

Mean while the Sonerai build inspection was on going.

The girls sleeping.

Chap's talking Sonerai.

Diesel C-172 did a touch & Go.

RSR being man handled into it's Flight Spot.

SNW & RSR chewing the Phat.

Tell ya it was there a minute ago.

Matt N was in for a bit. Ya can tell by the Hat. Checking on the Ercoupe.

Doe's Alans BUM look big in this shot.

Paul inserted into RSR for a Fly about.

Team looking happy with there lot. Note has his anti Frost Bite Flight Suit.

On the Taxi for 09.

Slowish & Fastish.

Oh Sexy.

Oh a big Puss JAG.

My what a Stunning Land Rover.

SSF with Jason on the Taxi 09.


Holding Point 09.

SNW heading back to Hangar.

Gary & DBZ heading for home.

Outa 09.

Sun setting over the Poo's.

Jason & SSF back in heading for the Pump.


RSR just about to Join for overhead SD. Taken from the Ponderosa. Very late afternoon.

Vids Here.

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