Saturday, June 20, 2020

Sat 20th June was a bit Drizzly first then then fined up and then Drizzly after dark.

Suzy & I had Breakfast @ the Funky Duck this AM. Scrambled Egg's on Toast very nice it was to.

Once down at the Aerodrome PMD the BIG PUSS having bought Mark up was chilling in the Chill.

From the CFI's office and last Club Meeting No training yet until we are sure we are covid free.
SSF was getting ready for some aviation in the Sun.

Holding point 09.

Lads busy doing a bit of tidying up round the place with Kermit the Digger.

Sperm Man (Alan) was busy doing some water Blasting. Looks very dashing in white.

Some renovations going on around the Club House should be good for another 50 Years.

Smoko Time.

Front Door Floor getting some Fresh wood inserted in the not to distant future.

New Shower going in and not before time by looks of that......

Smoko Continuing

The Bar needed some Fresh Plywood Flooring.

Test Pilot Wayne about to go do some more evaluating of PMD.

Taxing for 27

Back in heading for the Pump.

Luke doing some Water blasting around Hangar 1.

Alan doing somefink.

Chaps talking BIG PUSS stuff.

Busy place today.

Alan giving RSR a Tickle & Scratch before committing Aviation.

SSF & JPX just snoozing.

Now that's a Jag back end.

RSR on the Taxi for 27.

Oh what an awesome looking Landrover.

The Mighty Lil Freighty & Kermit the Digger on there way home after a productive day.

Thanks Gary.

Unobstructed Mountain views Awesome.

Local Spitfire just hanging about.

Alan & RSR arriving in the overhead.

Landing 09.

Jason just Hanging....

Chap's just chilling.

Yes we fired up the BBQ.

Thanks to Jason & Luke & Rob or what you see there. Very nice it was to.

Yes we have repositioned the BBQ for more usability. It's now outside front door away from the Weather & Wind.

BBQ Captain for the night was Luke.

A better few of the new BBQ spot. Should get more use now.

It seemed to disappear rather quickly .......

Even Sue came down for some tucker....

It was dark now and things were winding upish.

If ya weren't there ya missed a good spread. Yes a few beers followed to finish the day.

Great days work a lot was done. Thanks everyone. Outstanding and excellent.

Vid's Here.

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