Sunday, June 21, 2020

Sun 21st was overcasty windy from the South a tad chilly in places. A bit quiet today after yesterdays working Bee.

Lads talking Aviation I suspect.

Oh look ya can see he Mountain clearly now. Or when it's not still in bed.

Gary & DBZ were in for a bit.

Resting before her next sortie.

SSF being tickled for her next sortie.

Looks like everything hatche's etc locked & Loaded.

Local Spitfire still hanging about.

Luke on the taxi for 09 on his Mission to penetrate NP airspace whilst it's still there.

DBZ ditto. Going to provide traffic as there probably won't be any at NP.

Local Hawk seeing whats about for afternoon tea.

SSF up the Bow & DBZ at the Stern closing fast.

Vid's here.

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