Sunday, June 14, 2020

Sunday 14th was overcast a tad chilly and a tad dull.

CYG just chilling in the cool morning air.

DBZ catching on the Goss with SSF who had yet to poke her nose out.

Keri about to commit Aviation.

Gary & DBZ heading for some Gas.

Matt was getting Ercoupe AQX  out into the world been a while.

SNJ just minding her own business.

Looking Purty with her Flashy Rudders looking very fine.

Ercoupe Flight Deck.

Matt's Brother Steve was out fort a fly about once the Electricity was started.

Mt Ruapheau looking fine...bloody Pylons they everywhere.

Matt going for Main engine start. Has the proper head wear on. 

Lad's talking Aeroplane & Stuff.

AQX warming up after a long lay over with some assistance from some external Electrical Sparks.

Steve looks on as Ercoupe taxi's for 09.

Luke doing Press Up's under DBZ,,,????????????

Cygnet about to Taxi for 09.

AQX for 09.

Back in to pick up Steve.

Not bad when ya can rest ya arm out the window.

In for some top shelf AVGAS.

SSF with Me & Luke strapped in taxing for 09.

Gary close behind 09.

Happy looking Pilot.

Mountain appeared for a bit.

Gary & DBZ snuggled in for a bit.

Following DBZ into Hawera. Well he is easy to see.

A gaggle of Gyro's at Hawera all huddled up as she was bitterly cold.

That will be Peter

A bit better shot of the Gyro's.

V6 powered TF-51 Mustang.

Stu & Angela were in attendance.

Jordan was in attendance and busy picture taking.


Rare Bulldog was in 200hp this puppy.

Matt & Steve in the Ercoupe made there way down to Hawera.

Heading for parking next to the Club House.

Steve about to exit AQX.

Bit rough when ya gotta Push & Pull start ya Cherokee.

Luke indicating he wishes to head back to a much warmer Straty.

Getting Ready to bug out via 32.

Jeez he look's cold.

On the taxi for 32.

Gary & DBZ following close behind probably trying to stay Warm.

Scramble track Race day located just South of Eltham.

Aerodrome from the South West. The Girls been chewing the Grass around the Boundry.

Our Intrepid Pilot decending from the overhead.

SNW & Wayne back in from a zip around.

Luke attending to the Paper work.

Then Matt was back in from Hawera.

Gyro RTO ( I think) heading for NP.

Cessna 172 WTD with Brett & Jill aboard was the last arrival for the day.

Vid's Here.

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