Sunday, June 7, 2020

Sunday 7th of June was a Mixture of WX just about everything but Snow altho was probably up the Mountain.

Kenny & SND arriving back in the overhead setting up for 27.

RFD  & Alan were also stooging about in the overhead as well heading for 27.


                                        Ditto for Don & SNJ also for 27.


                 The sound of the Mighty Rotax that Pull's SSF through the Sky was heard overhead. Capt Luke in Command Landing 27.
I was gonna go but was working on 11KV Cable Fault this AM. Bugger ah well always next weekend will pop down & Drink Hawera's (Fly-in on Sunday 1th June) Coffee & have a Snag as well if any left.


Kenny down heading Hangar.

Ditto Gary & DBZ.

RFD also heading for Bed.

Capt Luke Taxing for Hangar as well.

SNJ & Don like wise.

Don & his niece Jan about to deplane.

SSF getting put to bed.

Lot of huffing & puffing going on.....

Look giving SNW some loving..... We think.

SNJ all snuggly in her hangar.

DBZ just chilling.

Some pic's from Kenny of the Foxpine trip.

Flying in a Groups is good practice.


Glass speed indicator 1930's style.

What ya do at Fly-in's hang about talk Airplane

Vid's here

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