Saturday, July 11, 2020

Sat 11th was Sunny overcat Cool & warm ....

SSF just waking up just getting some Ray's warming up naturally.

Mountain popped out for a bit.

Wayne waking SSF up.

Taxing over for the Hard stand.

Looking a picture in the Sun.

Luke doing domestic's for the BMer.

Wayne possibly supplying Wisdom & Moral Support.

Birthday Boy heading up for a Flight. yes they didn't dress for Alpine which Stratty is.

Big Photo before Flight.

The Team being 

Nastasha, Raymond, Brittany, Emma, Kelvin.

SSF about to head off.

Holding 27.

The cheering Squad.

Local Heron passing by @ speed.

Bit more Mountain to look at.

Couple off the Team got aquinted with the Mustang.

Looking suitably aviated.

SSF getting a pat of appreciation.

Then a try of the Mustang.

I think he enjoyed his Birthday Gift.

Lukes new hat is actually an IR Hood.

Taxing 09.

Bloody Plovers.

Jason preparing his Sonerai for a sortie.

DBZ with Gary arriving in the overhead.

Landing 09.

Luke & SSF back in.

SND looking fine in the sun.

Luke checking out his new ride the Mighty Taylor Mono Lil Sonerai.

CZH getting manhandled out into the sun.

Wayne about to do a few circuits in SND so Jason can become one with SND.

Taxing for 09.

CZH & Luke becoming one. His new ride.

Wayne back in.

A gaggle of fine flying machines.

We found Gary in the Taylor after a long search.

The Luke checking out the Flight Deck.

Chap's busy getting sorted.

Lad's talking Tylor.

Gary about to deplane from the Taylor.

SND & Jason becoming one.

SSF getting some Ray's after a busy days flying.

Jason zooming along in SND.

A high Flyer passing by.

YAK's arriving.

YAK Team

3 RED STARS today.

Some Fans were out to look around the Flying Machines.

The Team enjoying some Tea & Tiny Cakes & Biscuits.

YAK's grabbing some late afternoon sun

Chaps about to bug out for NP.

Brett about to coax YAK into life.

They are off out 09.

YAK's passing by the Sun.

End of the day getting ready to bug out.

Vids Here.

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