Saturday, July 18, 2020

Sat 18th was overcast & cool.

Keri & CYG back in from a fly out South Eastish way

Luke about to head off for some Tail Dragger training in CYG before attempting the Mightiness of the Taylor Mono Sonerai.

On the Taxi for 09.

This fellow was transitting through the over head 

Had to go home get somfink and spotted Midhurst Service Stations Big Orange Mack & Big Yella Mack just chilling.

Mean while once back at the Aerodrome things were coming along and fueling of  the Taylor was in progress.

Wayne away to do a shake down flight.

Heading for 09.

Away & climbing turning Base.

Approach and overshoot 09.

Luke becoming one with the Taylor.

Heading for 09.

Couple practice runs getting used to how she works.

JAU Dover Hawk outside as she was leaving home today and moving to Hamilton gonna shack up with Mike in his Hangar.

Sad but neat to see she is gonna fly again.

Alan after just finished extracting her from the back of a very full Hangar 2.

Mean while Luke had pulled back in for some more advice &  a break before hitting the Sky with the Taylor.

I tell ya here was a bloody BIG Spider down there.

Wayne supplying Luke with some wisdom.....

Back over to the Hangar for Tiggle & a Scratch. No not Luke the Taylor.

Luke looking relaxed as Wayne doing some fettling.

JAU waiting for her new owner to arrive.

Luke on taxi for 09 and first Take Off.

Shaun & JQT arriving overhead.

Landed 09.

Gas time

Luke heading out to become one with the Sky.

Looking chuffed with himself and well he should be.

Congrats from the big Cheese he's now a TAIL DRAGGER PILOT.

Yup Yup Yup can't turn back now.

Yus it's  bit Muddy.

The Shaun. 

The lad's discussing TD Stuff.

JAU just chilling.

JQT & Shaun on taxi for 16. CZH just chilling.

Gary & DBZ arriving in the overhead.

JQT holding point 16.

He's off.

Lad's have started taking JAU apart.

Yes some of you might reconise that Trailer. JAU is heading off to Hamilton to join VMP the Sadler Vampire as Mike aqquired her last week.

Looking quite naked.

A serious CHEVY truck to do the towing.

Getting a whopping 10 litre's.


Alan & RSR waiting for something to happen.

Big Trailer but Landing gear on JAU is quite wide. Only 25mm either side and tail Feathers just got in with 2mm clearance.

All done and dusted all packed & ready to go by 1530 I think it was. Not bad as thought was gonna be here till after dark.

Another Charf Cutter transitting through the overhead.

RSR & CZH just chewing the Phat.

Luke about to go up for second flight of the day.

RSR about to head of for 27. Alan & Shona aboard.

He just swung the prop paring to mount his stead.

Still looking for that BIG Spider.

Looking confident.

Heading 27.

Back in 27 mission completed.

Got that Tail Dragger look down Pat.

Yeah Mun.

Slow & Slightly Faster.

Vid's here.

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