Sunday, July 12, 2020

Sunday 12th was interesting WX day cool, Sunny, Fine, Foggy, Rain......

Great shot from Don of Luke heading South for NZFI Dawn Raid.

Must be the Golden Boy being at the end of the Rainbow.

Alan & RSR were out tearing up the Skies for a while.


Landed 27.

SSF & Luke heading for the Pump......There's a story here.....

Excellent looking Landrover

Luke giving SSF a good pulling......... against the wind.

Then just chilling after a hard days Flying.

Flight Deck of Luke's Taylor Mono Sonerai.

Contemplating his next move possibly.

Alan supplying encouraging words & Stuff.

Becoming ONE with the Taylor Mono Sonerai.

SNW in the Overhead first in back from the NZFI Dawn Raid.

SNJ in the Overhead second in back from the NZFI Dawn Raid.

She was windy.

SNJ landed 27

DBZ in the Overhead third in back from the NZFI Dawn Raid.

Wayne in his Fly-in over all's  (look pretty Snazzy) discussing WX tactic's with young Luke.

SNW going to bed.

Alan presenting the WX STN back into the Club House after it's flight back from NZFI.

Tad windy to put up today (I know getting Soft) 25 plus knots at the Mo.

Gary H was out for a bit & was shocked to see the WX on the counter

He said they were getting soft.

Gary & DBZ mentally preparing themselves to head home to Ferndene as looked quite Frisky over there & then some.

Lads talking aviation as ya do on a Sunday. Probably admiring the WX STN as well.

The ole JU-52 looking a bit worse for wear.......

Vid's here.

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