Monday, July 20, 2020

Sunday 19th July was one word STUNNING.

The Central Plateau came for a visit.

Keri & CYG appeared from the Eastish & then Landed 27.

Minicab outside for a breath of fresh air.

CYG quenching her thirst.

Some Magpies just chilling.

The Orange Roughy taxing past Ruapheau.

Bit of Snow there.

Brian trying Cygnet on for size.

SAL had Rob strapped on here Landing 27.

Brian getting SSF ready for aviation.

Heading for parking spot.

Taylor Mono Sonerai getting some Sun before aviating.

Yeah Man

G'day Rob.

The Posse gathering around CZH.

SSF about to blast off 27.

Back in Luke to head off.

The Cheering Squad.

High Flyer.

Don had SNJ out for a bit.

Luke & CZH.

Take Off 09.

Back in looking all Tail Draggy.

Couple Draggers chilling.

Oh got that I am a Dragger Pilot look about him......

Talking Aviation I suspect.

Rob about to head off.

One suspects he's enjoying himslf.

John had JPX out for a while.

SAL on taxi 27.

John & JPX away.

JPX away to 27.

Bit of maitenance on SSF check out that awesome power lads straining to hold her back.

Luke & the Taylor Mono Sonerai back in last flight of the day.

The Dragger Pilot rising out of his Flying Machine.

I'm telling ya it's the Do Hickey thing a me whats it.

The Trojans were whizzing round the place.

Thanks chap's 

We have broad shoulders to bare this Burdon and it's always awesome.

This here Cherokee transited the overhead.

End to a great day.

Vid's here


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