Saturday, August 22, 2020

Sat 22nd August dawned to a very nice day & boy was hot in the AM. In due course Jackets back on as the cold settled in.

Mountain just about outa bed.

No Central Plateau today.

The Lad's cracking on doing stuff.

Preparing SSF for another Mission into NP Airspace.

Keri was in for a bit as has had some work done on his Flipper done in a nice shade of Green.

Chap's sill looking SSF over.

Shaun & Jake were in with JQT this AM.

Still at it.

SNW getting a looking over by Team Richmond.

Couple 601's just chilling getting some ray's chewing the Phat.

Alan beavering away on WER getting her right to his liking.

JQT on the taxi 09.

Dang I know that lil Sucker Screws here somewhere's.

SSF waiting waiting waiting.

OSCAR CHUCK CHUCK outa Norfolk Rd was in for some Avgas.


Gary & DBZ turning Final's for 27

Pat had his Gyro out. Ya gotta see it Beautifully built.

Pat said the main Rotor was there when he left. Dang.

What a prop. Apparently the smiley faces improve performance.

Dis mounting the Trailer.

She's free.

Flight Deck

Pat trying her on for size yes he was making flying noise's

Up amoungst the Clouds.

Ditto Gary who tried it on for size.

Putting her to Bed.

Pat showing us his Tassle collection.

Exhaust Bungs.


Locally based Spitfire up amoungst the Clouds.

Don & SNJ taxing for 27.


Arriving back into the overhead.

Check out those Chompers.

Gary & DBZ about to head off for Ferndene.

Outa 27.

WER getting some ray's.

Alan checking out what that white nobby thing is.

Getting Set to go.

Daffadils are out.

The new ruling Junta.

WER Landing 09.




SSF with Luke attached back from his mission to NP. Apparently some Trojan stuff was had.


Vid's here.

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