Saturday, August 8, 2020

Sat 8th August was one word COLD.

Gary & DBZ dropped by for a bit.Here Sheltering out of the Southerly which was Frisky.

Luke had some vistors today here trying SSF on for size.

Alan was still busy getting WER all sorted

Some Spitfire Landing gear Fiddling was on

Kenny was providing Ballast during retraction testing.

Lads deciding on next course of action.

Alan was out giving WER some engine running for a bit. She has new Spark plugs and a tickle here and scratch there.

We can see you.......

Making sure everything is where it should be.

Getting ready to hit the Sky.

Luke doe's Pizza Delivery by Air only.

Gary & DBZ away 16.

Ditto for WER

Some new seating implements have appeared in the Club rooms very nice andd all Leather.Ex Virgin NZ. See if we can fit a few more in.

Luke for scale.

The Bathroom is coming along. Luke has chosen Budgy Yellow as it is quite a dark room.

Well he is a Budgy fan.

WER in the late afternoon sun.

Couple circuits then back.

I think he likes it. Well he should it's a Stunning lil Flying machine. It's also Carbon Nutrual  it's made of WOOD.

Checking out Luke's Ducati Motad style bike very nice. Looks fast just sitting there.

Had just arrived from Oz so had to give it the Luke treatment.....

Vid's here.

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