Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Saturday the 16th August was an absolute Stunner Clear Skies no wind. Pretty much we get all the time....

Mount Ruapheau looking fine.

Luke was up early heading out to penetrate NP Airspace.

The rest of the gang hanging outside hangar 3 getting some ray's.


Ye Hawk cruising past the Mountain as ya do.

Then a Tree although Ducks just chilling they walking.

The Mountain looking sweet.

Flight Deck Alans new Alpi.

Gang still catching some ray's

SSF Back for some more Gas.

Rob & SAL were in also.

Rob checking over Alan's new ride.

SSF & SAL getting some Ray's

Orange Roughy appared in the overhead.

DBZ was in for a bit.

Then out.

Alan had the Alpi up for a while.

Vid's Here.

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