Thursday, August 20, 2020

Sunday 16th August was same as Saturday with just a slight breeze.

Local Avian taking advantage of some thermals.

SSF getting some go Juice as Luke was preparing another Penetration Mission to NP.

Central Plateau again looking fine.

Our Mountain also looking Fine.

JQT & Shaun was in early.

Nice Looking GMC.

SNW warming up naturally

That there is the International Terminal & Toilet provided by the Council.

Flames checking out the central Plateau.

Couple Young Fulla's strapped into there drinking seats.

SSF away 09.

Luke with his new Alpaca Knob Warmer.

Alan & Anne were in on the Big Triumph.


Whats better than 1 Triumph but 2.

Luke jumped on the other one and they were off. That one on the left is one HEAVY piece of kit.

Shaun was back in with after a tootle about.

Then off again outa 16.


John was out. Here getting JPX ready for some Sky work.

Couple of Orange & Grey's with Checkers.

Wayne & SNW going for Main Engine Start.

Pat providing Moral Support.

On the Taxi for 09.

The Taylor Mono Sonerai Checking out the CP

Mean while SNW was doing stuff in the Sky.

Charf Cutter Passing through the overhead.

JPX back from somewhere's.

Busy day today 3 of these passed overhead.

Landing 27.

SAL had Rob back again.

Landed 09.

Sue popped in for a bit, Enjoying her Coffee whilst doing some Mountain Spotting first our one 

Then the CP

She also tried on the new Airliner Drinking Seats. To be safe she had her belt on.

Tadpole cruising through the overhead.

Chap's discussing Aviation & Worldley things I suspect.

Sefton arrived in his Alpi Pioneer 300R

Landed 09.

The big Madam to the west looking fine.

The team observing the Arrival of the Alpi.

Good Gaggle of flying Machines not one the same.

Another High Flyer for the day.

Our Space Cadet for the day was Pat trying out his Helmut for the Gyro.

Jason don't looked convinced.

That's his Happy Face.

Sefton had wandered over whilst all that was going on.

Mark then appeared over the Eastern fence landing 27.

LTS over from Taumaranui is helping out for a bit whilst LTH is getting some Tickle & Scratching done in Wanganui.

Looking very Piloty.....

LTS about to be put to bed.

Well howdy & right back at ya Fella.

Mark zooming about on the Slider and disconnecting the Spreader.


Now if they go into the Airline business ya get this real neat backward facing arrangement. Ya never know might happen .....Strange times.

Mean while Spreader removal is continuing.

Very swish be even better when the dry wall goes on but hey these things take time.

Having moved from the Spreader Mark is seen here massaging the nose leg as ya do vital piece of kit. Very rare very seldom caught on film.

The Cresco Hangar Wrangler. Big improvement on the last one.

Luke learning the way of the Cresco.

SCN just chilling getting some Ray's & checking out the CP.

SCN Flight Deck.

Nice looking Machine. Might be a Posse starting with the arrival of WER

Lad's checking her over.

This here Easy Rider Cruised on past.

Sefton about to board his Stead.

SAL & SCN on the Taxi for 09.

SSF heading for bed.

Vid's Here.

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