Sunday, August 2, 2020

Sunday 2nd August was a bit brisk & overcast.

Keri had CYG out for a bit before the big lay off for some work on one of his Flippers.

The Team in Hangar 3 still sleeeping @ 10am.

CYG getting some Top Shelf Avgas.

The cheering Squad sitting on roof Hangar 3 doing there thing.

Holding Point 27.

The Mulliss Family were in for a look about. Bein Owen, Emma, Joseph, Bethan, Adam.

The Mustang still as popular as ever Owen trying it on for size.

Then the rest of the Family tried Isobel on for size.

Heading over to Hangar 3 to  check on all the wonders in there.

Trying on the Taylor Mono Sonerai.

YUS the Tanker was in this AM so come get some brand spanking fresh AVGAS.

Mean while the lads checking out SSF.

A Charf Cutter passing overhead.

Listening to Luke.

Gary away somewhere's with DBZ.

Then the next lot were in SSF for a look about.

Luke telling them what it's all about.

Checking out the Spitfire.

New addition to the Club house yes Airliner Seats all Leather very comfortable and off course base of seat is Life Preserver. Handy if we get the big Flood.

Wayne showing the proper way to have a Drink. Note he has his Seat Belt on so ya don't fall out later if ya had a couple.......;0)

Even the visitors tried them on. 

The new Bathroom additions coming along looking quite snazzy. Luke looks suitably impressed.

Painting etc then be finished

Spitfire just hanging about.

Alan heading off to do some aviation.

Rob & SAL just taxing in after Landing 27.

RSR on taxi for 27.

Ruapheau threw the cloud.

Sue was in with her Sister Christine, Here enjoying the chance to sit in the ever popular MUSTANG.
I think she likes it.

Checking out all the do hickies & stuff.

Joan also popped up for a sit as well.

Jason was out late afternoon for a bit.

Girls checking out the Taylor Mono Sonerai.

We see some neat Auto's down the Aerodrome. This is one outa the box.

Sue's Ma & Sis traverling round in this absolutely mint 1987  Holden Commodore 3.0L Berlina VL.
It is totally original Factory Mags everything on it the seats etc all mint.

Whilst in Stratford they were asked if hey wanted to sell it.

Mint engine bay.

SAL on taxi for 27. Heading for home.

But not before a T & G 27.

Vid's Here.

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