Saturday, September 12, 2020

Sat 12th dawned Sunny but cool.

YEX had Kenny &  Luke (He's the Slick looking one) onboard.  Team YEX are about to head North to Raglan and about.


On the ground at Raglan.

Every Aircraft on the Ground at Raglan on Sat were Yella.

Luke waiting to get the Keys for this fine Flying Machine.

Was up in SSF when I was attacked by a Sonerai and shot by Luke.

Mountain looking Fine.

Wayne had been out in SNW blowing the condensation of a few things.

About to blast off in SSF a Mountain pic before I do.

Looking down the Barrell of 16.

Looking back to Club House.

Outa 16 on the climb.

Heading West.

Then North.

Central Plateau.

SNW came for a visit whilst I was Flying around.

Back in.

Alan with his Flying Machines.

SSF & SNW just chilling.

The gaggle of Flying Machines @ Hangar 2

Don's new Boy Jack looking all angelic like.

He's an Aviator with those Ears.

Pat with his new Helmut sheild to keep the Bugs off.

Project for the day Bubble Shower Dome for the Shower.

Jacks travelling implments.

RSR sunning herself before some aviating.

Pat doing some Gyro stuff.

Flying Machines & not one the same.

SSF in between sorties.

Alan about to start RSR.

Luke had been busy & taken  out some Aussie's

RSR on the Taxi for 27.

Gyro still getting tickled.

Flying along with RSR.

Doing the Peel off.

YEX & the lads back from Raglan

Shower Dome fitting still happening.

Another good bunch of not the same at all Flying Machines.

Gotta admit she's pretty Sexy looking lil beasty.

Being a puppy is tiring work. Young Jack all tuckered out.

As was Luke

This Young Fella was out and here trying SSF out.

Busy down at holding Point 27.

Alan's Flying Machines chewing the Phat.

YEX checking out the big pointy thing out West.

The big Toothed Sonerai SNJ making it's way out into the Sun.

SNW in the overhead.

SNJ on the Taxi.

SSF just chilling in late afternoon Sun.

SNW heading for the Hangar.

SNJ on Taxi for 27.

Pat giving him a wave Gary looking on as he headed off.

SNJ holding point 27

Heron Flying Through.

WER & Alan Flying about.

End of a nice day.

Vid's here.



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