Saturday, September 5, 2020

Sat 5th September was warm then cool.

Mountain was out in the AM then wasn't.

A new shape appeared in the overhead.

NZSD welcomes Waiex ZK-YEX to it's new home.

Kenny's new ride the Waiex (pronounced Y EX) with Wayne aboard.

He landed 27 in a rather frisky 15 knot X/wind.

DBZ & Gary following close behind.


The crowd forms to check the new kid out.

Kenny happy to get his new Machine home.

Big Crowd.

YEX Flight Deck.

Jason & SSF back in also.

Just chilling.

SSF getting some refreshment.

Lad's checking out the Tricky bit. Check out that Rudder.

Plenty of room that's Luke in there and he's a big unit.

Wayne went Super Sonic hence the prop.

Comes like that.

Streamlined Exhaust

The Front end.

Kenny about to give it a go with Wayne.

Going through the motions as to whats what.


Going for main engine start.

On taxi for 27.


Kenny first Landing 27 in YEX.

Post Flight debrief.

Gary checking YEX out.

Check out the off set for prop Torque

Gary & DBZ heading for Ferndene outa 27.

Kenny heading for the Hangar. Gonna live with RFD for a bit. Yella's gotta stick together.


Vid's here.



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