Monday, October 26, 2020

FRIDAY 23rd was ah Foggy then got fine.

Yes she was a bit on the Foggy side had  cleared a bit before was less than 20 foot.

Rego just incase you didn't catch it.

Mower Captain gritting her teeth in the Fog Menace.

Even the Birds were taking some time out.

Mean while Wayne was tickling SRP again.

Over at PGE the Team had arrived and were preparing to Bug out.

Stu arrived and was standing right where you see him.

Back over at the Cresco pre flight was continuing a pace.

Kicked the tires now time to light the Fire.

About to go for Main engine start.

On Taxi for 16.

Mean while back over at SRP the Legs had appeared.

Alan was in to drop of a new whizz Rx for RFD.

That much concentration must be Beer in there.

WX Station just hanging about.

Chopper whizzing past South of the Aerodrome.

Mower Captain still at it probably happy now the suns come out.

Locally based 747-200 just hanging about. (I have 1/2 hour on one of these puppies)

Alan busy applying new Rubbers on WER brand was Durex from memory but could be wrong.

Uncle Wayne ding somefink to RFD.

Mean while back at WER Alan was quite a way in to the Rubber replacement program.

Turned into nice day.

Yours truly contemplating next move and keeping eye for any infiltators or Hun that might be about.

Nice to get out house for a bit.

Alan having completed the Rubber thing.

I did get to pump up EEF tires. oh some action excellent.

Get one of them there pumps great piece of kit. Pretty lite as well.

Vids are o  Facebook page.


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