Saturday, October 24, 2020

Sat 17th October turned out very warm.

Mountain was out doing her thing.

JQT was in for Gas with Shaun and Cameron on board.

Mean while in Hangar 1 some jiggery Pokery was going down.

JQT just pulling up to the Pumps.q

Keri about to extract SRP out of the Hanger 1.

Alan arriving behind on  his  2 wheeler.

Then CYG got the same treatment.

It,s Spandex Man in a  2 tone Blue suit.

CYG Quenching  her  thirst.

JQT Just chilling.

WER contemplating her next move.

Having  Alan man her handle to outside the Clubhouse.

Alan looking happy going flying thats why.

Gaggle planes about to commit some Aviation.

An RV thing passing by.

Alan and WER gone for Main Engine Start.

Making sure everything is tickerty boo.

Check out that heat Hazelton 27.

Alan nd WER on the Taxi for 27.

Local Hack showing how it should be done.

SSF back from NP Luke in command

Ditto CYG.


SSF wants a Drink.

CYG back in.

Luke getting SSF,s drink

Uncle Wayne exiting first.

Then Keri.

A crack in time... thought was a Mooney there for a bit.

WER arriving in the overhead

Hard at it solving world issues.

WER parking.

Think Tank had expanded world problems should be sorted in no time.

Hawera  Aero Clubs Charf Cutter 172  EOS appeared in the  overhead.

Landed 27. Back track for 27.

Time for a Coffee.

Settling in for some Flying stuff.

Gary & Mark  showing some man love in New York on the  Intrepid.

Did they really have to do it in front of an F-14. Oh the Humanity of it all ;0).

Back here Gary arriving with DBZ .

Don heading out on Taxi for 27 heading Raglan.

Ditto Gary.

SNW and DBZ preparing themselves for Take Off.

SSF just chilling.

SNW poking her nose checking out the Action deciding when if she gonna go for a fly about.

Pat in the mean time was doing Gyro stuff,

Well I am sure SNW is pretty stoked to be going for a Fly.

More Gyro Tinkering.

SNW taxi for 27

The Gyro getting poking and prodding (no how it feels).

Gyro Flight Deck.

Ya really gotta see it up close immaculate job.

SSF just hanging about.

SNW about to be blasting off 27.

Blasting past it was murky.

The Luke about to put SSF to bed.

SNW heading for the Hangar.

Alan just about ready to put WER to bed.

There they are lookin for those other wise a tad drafty.

Pats persolised  Gyro Chocks.

Captain Pat (Pugwash) in the Command chair.

The go fast pushy bit.

Chaps talking SOnerai stuff.

SNJ (JAWS)  with Don back from Raglan.

Ditto Gary & DBZ.

No wind back at the Ponderosa.

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