Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Sunday 21st was Sunny overcast.

WER had Alan fussing over her doing Sumfink.

Which one to take. The one on the Left.

One of those Modern Aerials on Keri's car.

Wayne getting ready SNW for Hawera Brunch. Grant overing Tech Support.

Nice day looking back to Club House.

Keri had his knee scooter out as his bottom Flipper is still doing the Healing thing.

Nice sun shot of SNW.

Nice shot of the Mountain doing it's thing.

Gary & DBZ Arriving in the overhead.

SNW Heading for the Pumps.

Ditto for DBZ.

RSR Getting some Sun.

Mountain just chilling in the Sun still.

Wayne about to mount his trusty stead.

Wayne looking like what now

Oh looks like it's  all good.

On taxi for 27.

RSR doing DV

N9992T getting ready to hit Hawera.

That will be Stratty Town

Eltham Town.

Hawera Airfield  and Club  House 
And first arrivals.

Someone on finals 32

That will be Whareroa Dairy Factory to
South of Hawera where used to spend most of me time work wise.

On the ground RWY-32 Hawera.

The Tiger Hawk has arrived.

Titan T-51 outa Wanganui.

SSF with Luke aboard Arriving in from NP landed 32. Mind you he was 4 minutes late. Gonna have to pick up his game.
Congrats in order as Later Sunday
Afternoon his passed his Flight Test.
Well done that man.

Ye ole Cessna 195.

Luke taxiing for his passing spot.

Tiger in the overhead.

Bantam Ditto.

Planes everywhere. ZOT from Foxpine.

Tiger cat 

Flight Deck

Mark's Panther from Feilding.

                 Some of the Stratty Gang


Looking down the Flightline
Rob and SAL

Sky Arrow from Feilding.

High Flyer.

Couple Roundies Cessna 195,s

Gathered crowd enjoying some food and snags.

Couple more shots of the 195 s

The COUGAR came and visited Stratford later in the day.

701 just chilling.

Jordan and Siimon up from Kapiti to get some action shots. Jordan looking quite enthusiastic.

Tiger getting some attention.

Aeroplane dudes doing Aeroplane stuff.

RSR on the Taxi for Stratty.

C-195,s again.

Back on ground Stratty

Pat Fiddling with the Gyro as we taxi in.

Alan looking suitably aviator and fed specially the Fed thing.

Another High Flyer quite a few around this day.

Lads doing shit.

Rob and SAL were in.

So email building stuff going down.

The COUGAR appeared.

Team COUGAR  trying Mustang on for size. Looks like they enjoyed that experience.

Team COUGAR preparing there Flying machine for the flight back to FOXPINE.

Flight Deck.

Outa here.

My God its a Roger done up like a trusted chicken in his bike gear.

SAL heading out to give some people at Haewra a bit of Flight Experience.
Robs good like that with 2 kids getting a fly about. Mind you we all do that when opportunity arises. 

Gary and DBZ arriving

From memory Luke had just passed his Flight Test. He thought they were just going to Practice. Uncle Wayne sneaky like that.

Well done that man.

Next kindly bit about to head up with Rob.

Luke going Flying again in SSF.

Couple Flying Machines holding point 27

Couple more Flying machines just hanging  about.

Mountain  just chilling with her Scarf on.

Great day.

You have probably heard by now that I had an interesting day on Thursday  October the 1st. Around 10am that morning at work my Legs collapsed took about half a second and I was Paralised from waist down could not fell legs or move them. This was of course slightly incovient  Anyhooo did the Hospital thing for a week. Got told Friday may never walk again. Well that was a bummer but onwards and up wards. The walking  thing started to return Sunday improved Monday and was able to stand up unaided same day. Tuesday walked unaidEd from that point on. Bummer still no fee,ing from waist down no worries can live with that they don't no why. When I say walking let's be clear its more staggering but I will take it. Who knows where it will end or go. Just Focus on the End Game I say. Hence the Blog etc will be a bit thin from now on to when normal service returns when ever that maybe. Oh and thanks for the Good Wishes and Support much appreciated.


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