Friday, October 30, 2020

Sunday 25th was a bit shot WX wise early on bit improved with Sun and a Frisky wind most of the day.

Completion Day  Bombing and Landing.

Pat getting some Bombing tips from Wayne.

DBZ arriving with Gary.

WX discussion.

Local Avian showing everyone how it,s done

DBZ just chilling.

Alan we.. into his hose replacement program which has followed on from his Rubber program.

I have to ask  does his Bum look big in this shot.

The Spot being prepared for action.

Wayne applying the non spot movement  devices.

I think that's an oh crap look. He had 2 meters of hose but needed 3 Dang.

Rob watching SSF headings with Ross for first BOMBING RUN and LANDING

About to blast off 34.

Bombing Run. 250 foot.

Pat getting inserted in SSF for his BOMBING RUN.

Competitors waiting for SSF to come around and talking stratergy I suspect.

Pats first run in.

Rob was official measurer. Young Luke assisting.

That was a long way away that one.

The Bomb recovery Team Rob, Kenny and Luke.

Pat looking Happy with his efforts.

Gary heading up for his BOMBING and LANDING.

The Kenny with hi sun deflector inserted.

Don in the meantime was assisting SNJ  out into the sun.

Gary Bombing Run.

Kenny and the Lads Luke and Matty.

Rob doing some measuring  back to spot.

Well howdy Pilgrim. Kenny getting Luke inserted into SSF. BOMBING RUN.

Probably discussing the current scores.

Then Matty was up for his BOMBING RUN.

Bomb Pilot Ross.

Good turn out today 12 competitor's.

Good effort from Matty moving to 1st place in Bombing

Kenny up next.

Dang Suns a tad bright.

Uncld Wayne and Pat talking Airplane ......

SNJ just chilling.

Chaps doing pilot stuff.

Bomb recovery Team in action.

Alan just chilling.

Kenny back in.

Some tail leaning action going down on DBZ

Rob buckling up for some action.

Chaps continuing there tail leaning.

Rob looking like he means business.

On the taxi 34.

Pat explaining his Bombing technique to Gary and Ross.

Rob and Wayne looking like they enjoyed that.

Alan heading out for his Bombing Run and Landing. He came second in Landing.

Yeah man.

After wearing our selves out doing Comps all afternoon it was BBQ and Ales time

A good day of Comps 12 competitor's.

1ST LANDING was Gary very closely followed by Alan just 1/2 metre behind and Don 3rd.

BOMBING was 1st Don in the ole Coots section and 1st in Junior Matty.

Thanks everyone for coming was a real hoot.

See ya next month get practicing.


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