Thursday, January 7, 2021

Sunday 6th Dec was nice day if a tad windy.

Finally caught Young Mark G here on the dolly being Hughes 369E (500) ZK-HYK of Midwest Helicopters. Here doing the turbine cool down  before shutddown.


SSF & SND just chilling in the Sun.

WINE & SNW away 27.

Coffee time.

YEX was out for some running today.

Kenny in Command

SNW getting some rays.

YEX Overhead. Wayne in Command.

The cheering squad

Going round & round.

Jason about to do something.

Wayne back in with YEX.

Keri contemplating his next move as his rebuilt Flipper is coming along.

Oh look some interesting aircraft just hanging about.

Post flight de brief.

Kenny about to head out  give it a shot.

Outa here.

Back in after a fly about.

Alan getting WER some refreshments

New resident at NZSD is Cherokee 6 300 ZK-PDX which had just flown in from Alexandra. Having landed 27. The Haynes Family Flyjng SUV.

There ride was interesting that will be ye Plymouth.

Heading to it.s new Hanger.

WER & Alan heading out for a zoom about.

Not one the same boat.

A few more shots of the 6.

The Flight Deck. Oh look round things nice.

YEX Getting  ready to do things.

SNJ  & Don enjoying some refreshing AVGAS.

Mark & PMD Arriving 09.

Gary & DBZ of somewhere,s

Another line up of interesting Flying Machines.

Pat playing with his Rotor.

Mark de planning from PMD.

Here greeting the Cheering Squad.

SSF with Luke and Brett flying around.

I suspect he,s checking out his Jesus Nut.

Back in for a bit.

SNJ on taxi for 09.

Comps had started altho changed to 27 later as wind had changed. Yes we did comp,s in between the Gliding worked well.

Wayne took PMD for a blat about.

The que at the Comp line 09.

Lads talking tatic,s I suspect.

Gary took young Daniel up for a fly

SSF away 09.

Comp,s talking tatics 

WER & Alan didn,t do bad 5m to East of spot,

SSF on bombing run.

In for Next victim 

Comp control.

Wind changed so up to 27 end.


These 2 were just maneuvering to 27 end.

Mountain poked its head out see what was going down.



JTA was on Glidsr Tow Duties

Luke looking confident

Glider Tug TGC taxing back for another tow.

Glider Tug TGC on another Tow mission.

Then back again.

SSF about to head out for another Bombing Run.

PMD & Mark heading back to NZFI.

Some visitors checking out what's happening.

SSF with Jason taxing in after Comps.

Pat was out doing Whirly things with his Gyro.

Wayne SNW about to commit aviation.

Ah Quality British motoring at it.s best.

The BBQ shuffle

Rest time.

WER in the overhead.

Ditto SNW.

Whew done.

BBQ are go.


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