Monday, April 12, 2021

Sunday the 11th I wandered down to the Aerodrome after lunch. Mainly to pull prop thru on Minicab and have a Coffee. Well that turned into 2 x Coffee,s and a 1 x  Beer.

Here Pat in action waiting for his Coffee to settle.

Alan was fussing over WER some black wiring magic was performed now runs like a Swiss watch. Thumb for effect.

Pete was out chasing Financials and stuff.

Also practicing the art of Radio signals which weren,t doing stuff properly in Pat's Head Protector.

Oh what a nice Landrover.

WER moving out for some action with Alan providing motive power.

WER just chilling.


Pat had the Gyro out done stuff.

Gyro Flight Deck.

Running the lil. SUCKER  up. Ya can tell where it by pointy thumb.

Alan looking ready to do something.

Big change from the AM as it was very black with cloud. Turned out nice in the PM and was silky smooth and then some.

No I wasn't,t flying thats reverse on the Tablet camera.

Yeah man nice to be back in the Sky. Only 10 minutes to get in around 5 to get out.

Done and dusted.


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