Wednesday, April 14, 2021

WED 15th was overcasty. On way home called in for another Coffee.

Pat busy manipulating his Rotor.

Wayne was busy massaging the YEX.

Then popped over and was giving the FOKKER an enhancement a brass Venturi. Looks the part.

Pulled back in as a nasty lil Southerly Squal was approaching so Flying another day.

Just before the Squal arrived it was calm and looked like that. Bugger.

Wayne doing some tyre standing and sternly talking to the Top Cowl.

Making sure there aren,t any bit,s where they should or shouldn,t be.

Pat giving his considered opinion on Cowl screw placement.

Check out that green Camo against the Crass.

The Pie situation is at Defcon 1 as that puppy there is the Last one. Critical is where we are at.. Oh the Humanity of it all.

Yup that time of the Day. Lads having some  octane enhancer to continue the afternoon with.

FOKKER Sheltering from the Squal.


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