Thursday, April 8, 2021

WED 7th was another normal Boomer stratty day.

First up today was the EM Team making the most of ghis awesome WX.

Ross had a few of his fleet out he has rather a large collection.

Cliff was out also. Joined Later in the day by Gary.

Wayne was busy giving RFD a going over and some more of the oily go juice as she had a Mission planned for Thursday.

Pat the Lad was busy doing things to his nuts thats rotor nuts.

Glad he,s got his long shorts on ....

Luke stopped next to a Mushroom he spotted.
A rather large one.

Not every day ya find a Mushroom with the same hair do as you.

SSF just chilling ..My look at that snazzy Landrover.

Brilliant end to a stunning day.


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