Thursday, June 10, 2021

A montage of stuff from a while ago.

Yes they roughly a beam the 

Afternoon Tea.

Some FOKKERING Going down.

Oh Ditto for the Gyro.

Pat getting ready to fire up the Gyro.

Doing Fuel stuff for the FOKKER.

Brett was in to have a go in the  FOKKER.

In between all that the Cresco was in and out.

Herr Von Brett getting some idea of what ya need to and when.

He,s off 

I suspect he enjoyed himself looking at that FOKKER Grin. Hee was away for a while.

Some swish look Automob

Bit more FOKKER fiddling

Even the kiddlys loved it.

Then checked out the Gyro.

Of course ya can,t go until ya seen the Mustang.

Time for refreshments 00 of course. 

Nice end to the day.


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