Saturday, April 30, 2022


Busy, Busy Sat at Stratty today.

Mike was up from Feilding with Mustang 06 Closely followed by Josie in the Sky Arrow SKO.

Seen here taking a break from all the actionunder the wing as ya do.

Pat out keeping RPL regular.

The Fans were out today loving every moment.

The FOKKER was very busy today.

Ditto for the Spit as well.

More fans taking in the Action.

The EM Team were also had at it. Even when Comps were on they don,t go past main Runway and Full size off and turning as soon able. It all works.

The Feilding Team hard at it.

How many people doe,s it take to Fuel Up a FOKKER.

6 Apparently.

SSF chillaxing in the Sun after a Bombing Run.

Spitty taxing past.

Club Aircraft chewing the Phat.

SSF on the Taxi 09.

Brian back doing the Instructor thing out with John. 

Some more Fans out taking a look about the Place.

Mark & the Big Puss Panther PMD were also up from Feilding.

SSF looking determined.

HEER VON KENUTH was out and about in the FOKKER think he did first Bombing runs in her.

Just about to biff a Bomb out old style like.

SSF turning to begin her Bombing run.

FOKKER still stooging about.

Comp,s control Wayne and Rob.

Back end of the FOKKER.

Then the Front end.

Good Camo.

The Fighter Wing waiting for something to happen.

SSF away 09.

Time for refreshments.

SSF on Taxi 09.

With Brian & John.

Full house in for lunch.

Good variety of Flying Machines. Oh God no Cessna,s what we gonna do.......

Kenny about to go do some FOKKER stuff.

Mustang 06 just Landed vacating the Active.

Gazza just back in. Looks like the German & Jap Camper Vans been taking a pounding.

JQT arriving in the Overhead.

Spitty gear down.

Mustang Attack.

Spitty & Mustang.


Mustang & Spitfire Mountain Bound.

Cheering Squad.

DBG just Chilling.

Ditto RGV.

& SNW.

Big Puss doing the same.

Aviation chat one suspects.

Pat trying to sort out what to look at but then there is only 1 FOKKER.

Yup, Yup, Yup

Flight Deck Mustang.

Ye SkyArrow.



Just Landed 27.

In the Overhead.

Hamish resting after his Sonerai stuff this AM.

Mark & the Big Puss landed 27.

Riding the Pylon.


Yella {RFD} & Big Al back from Taupo. Landed 34.

RGV enjoying the Rays.

JPX & SSF getting some rays.

Pat was Spray Captain this AM.

Hamish checking out the FOKKER.

Then the Spitfire.

They are behind you Hamish run man run.

FOKKER returning from a Sortie.

Is Gary,s Bum big there ........

Friend or Foe.

Heading for the Downwind.

Hamish of 09 to tame SNJ.

Mark & the Lads busy giving LTJ a good sponge Bath.

Nice sunny day mostly clear with the odd Fluffy about.

OBH taxing Hangar 3 for some wheel massaging.

FOKKER just hanging about.

SNJ with Hamish & Wayne aboard. Hamish going SOLO soon after. Well done that man.

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