Saturday, April 23, 2022

Friday also saw Pat out for the fitting of the very nice Prop covers whipped up Pat made foe EEF.

Look pretty sweet and in Red as well. 

Nice Job PAT.

Next up is the new access panel to check the oil for Kenny,s Waiex. Looking Slick.

Good news is the new prop for the waiex is arriving a Month early so work will begin to get her flying

with her her new Jabiru 3300 6. Gonna be fast.

We like to recycle things where we can. So old Prop covers used to warm Cygnets Strobe and Fuel vent.

Chasps getting ready to head off Cresco getting some refreshment before hitting the Sky.

The Tony about to board his steed.

A see ya wave from Mark as they taxi past.

Pat making some adjustment in the Adjustments aera


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