Saturday, April 16, 2022


Friday saw the EM Team out.

Ther 40 year old ex Mike O,Grady Lazy Ace still going strong. Now cared for by Gary/ (Grover)

Ross had Locally based Gloster Meteor have a Suck & Blow around the Circuit.

Meteor Landing 16.

Hamish was out for some more learning the way of the Sonerei with Wayne Mr Sonerai NZ.
He said coming along bit more exciting than the Tow Pawnee he used to Fly. Probably only help it was a Tail Dragger.

Couple Pic,s before she heads to her new Home at Bridge Pa. 

Stopped for a break.

Taxing for the Pump.

Just Landed 09.

What a Beauty.

Big thanks to Pat for all the work and assistance with the Minicab.

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