Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Sat saw  WER out  and about  and Alan asked if I would  like  to be  Ballast. Who am I to say no. Getting in was okay the getting out  is  improving.

Alan closes prepared  with his phone , comb  and bunch of cards etc. Always  pays  to xcome prepared. Just in case ya  forget it tells  ya cyou are  a  Pilot  on ya Headset bonus.

WER whizzed over the Mountain  and spotted this fella up on Fantoms Peak.

Bit drry up on the  Hill.

Shaun really needs to get those rings  looked  at.

First time  seeing Alan's Savannah out. Bit  weird  being not Yella.

The historrixc Flight passing over  the  house ya  could cerrtainly heart that Radial coming.


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