Sunday, May 8, 2022

Sat 7th saw a gaggle aircraft out and about.

Jason was over from Tauranga and had SND out for a couple of Blats.

Uncle Wayne finding out what the go is.

Hamish has just pulled SNJ out and will continue with the learning the way of the Sonerai. Coming along great. Has another month I think he said working on project here in Stratty so shall be all set by time heads back home.

Jason man handling SND about after her refreshment stop.

Planes everywhere.

Lil Avian friend resting on Windsock contemplating his next move.

SNJ has Hamish all strapped in on the Taxi for 09.

Gotch Ya.

John had JPX out and after a good ole wipe down jumped in and here warming her up.

Wayne had SNW strapped to his person seen here on Taxi for 09.

John also now on the Taxi 09.

Hamish short finals for 09 in standard Sonerai
side slip mode.

Back in for a break give the Brain a while to cool down.

John arrived in from Matamata with Sport Cruiser VCP. Landed 09.

John  with JPX short Finals 09.

VCP taxing to parking.

John Boy.

Sonarei,s gathering round the Pump as ya do.

John deplaning from VCP.

SRP had Stu tied in for a blat round the district.

The cheering Squad assembled ready to cheer something on when it happens.

She is Super 100hp instead of the usual 80hp.

Heading for 27.

SNW just chillaxing in the Sun.

I am telling ya there was a bloody great SIPDER over there and not getting back in till we find it.

Sonerai chaps discussing Sonerai,s one suspects.

SRP airbourne outa 27.

TGC doing stuff.

SNW is joined by SND for some Sun soaking.

VCP outa 27 next stop Matamata.


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